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Networking OS (based on Dan Koe's networking process)

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Notion Networking system based on Dan Koe's amazing Non-Needy Networking Process.

What's inside?

  • Minimalistic dashboard with all of your, contacts, tasks, links, meetings, and statuses
  • Network CRM with all your connections
  • Tasks database to track all steps of the networking process
  • Ready-to-use DM templates to save you time
  • Links database for resources you can send to your connections
  • Meetings database to track your calls

Why should you use it?

Your success equals how good your offer is multiplied by the traffic.

This means that provided you have a valuable service, product, or content, what’s determining your growth is the number of people who see it.

In the past, getting people to see your offer required a lot of effort—good grades, a prestigious college, networking your way up the corporate ladder to get to the position able to reach high-value people.

Now, you have the internet, which makes reaching people who need your skills easier than ever.

You’re literally one DM, tweet, or post away from a person who needs a website for their business, someone who needs advice on how to get fit, or someone else who needs your software for their startup.

The bigger audience you have, the easier it is to reach people who need your offer.

And the key to growing your social media audience is building a high-value network through DMs.

Dan has done an amazing job of explaining the details in his article: https://thedankoe.com/how-to-network-with-millionaires-and-build-a-name-for-yourself/ Check it out for more details.

The Networking OS makes the process of building connections easier and more effective.

Any questions?

Feel free to DM me on Twitter (@processized) or drop an email (szymon@ssosulski.com) with any questions.

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Networking OS (based on Dan Koe's networking process)

18 ratings
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