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Second Mind for Notion

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Organize your work & life in ONE place AND get things done without the chaos

  • Capture everything
  • Organize your resources
  • Execute effectively

Introducing Second Mind—the ultimate knowledge management system optimized for focus and action, designed for digital workers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. This comprehensive Notion template offers an intuitive and efficient system to capture, organize, process, and execute on all of your valuable resources.

Philosophy behind Second Mind

I believe that knowledge is power, and the ability to organize and use that knowledge is the key to success. That's why I've created a system based on Tiago Forte's PARA model, which focuses on capturing everything, organizing your resources, processing your information for greater usability, and making progress on your goals.

Further, I believe that knowledge is futile if it's not used. That's why this system is optimized for focus and action with GTD-style task management, goals, projects, resources, as well as deep work, habit, and workout tracking all "hidden" behind toggles to help you avoid distractions and stay on track with your work.

Why I created Second Mind

I am a product manager (5 yrs. of experience) turned solopreneur & consultant.

As a product manager, I was drowning in a sea of information, scattered notes, and lost tasks. I felt overwhelmed and disorganized.
As a solopreneur, I needed a way to capture, organize, and process everything I knew and learned about and transform it into unique content, products, and services.

With Second Mind, I was able to take control of my tasks, knowledge, and resources and turn them into actionable insights and assets.

Because I had ONE place for EVERYTHING, I could reduce my work time & stress, while increasing the results I was delivering—shipped products, completed projects, written articles, etc.

Who is this system for

Second Mind is a template for digital workers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs to manage large volumes of information and turn them into actionable insights and results.

It's particularly beneficial for professionals who manage multiple projects and need to keep track of their progress, as well as students, academics, and researchers. Whether you're planning a trip or learning a new skill, Second Mind can help you slay information overload and achieve your goals.

Benefits & Features

#1 Capture what matters, instantly

“Attention is the most scarce and precious resource. The ability to direct it to what matters is your competitive advantage a distracted world.” — Tiago Forte

Second Mind is a trusted place for your resources.

  • Inbox: your notes, links, and tasks integrated with Notion Quick Capture and shortcuts to make capturing as seamless as possible. Capture and get on with your day.

#2 Organize your resources for future use and never forget anything

The information you gather is only useful if you can find it in the future.

Second Mind helps you organize your resources:

  • PARA: Tiago Forte's knowledge management system (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) tweaked for actionability.
  • Pulled resources: In each Project, you can add relevant resources from different Areas or Topics to help you execute.

#3 Process your resources for greater usability

Your resources are useless when they’re idly lying in your second brain.

Second Mind offers tools to help you process your resources for more clarity, focus, and creativity:

  • Quick daily review: A 5-minute process to keep your second mind tidy, find connections, and keep you up to date with your daily work.
  • Weekly review: A weekly ritual to review your resources and project results, plan your week, and find new connections and ideas.
  • Progressive summarization: Tiago Forte’s distilling method for making your resources more concrete and actionable for future use.

#4 Make progress on your goals and projects

Our resources are things to use, not just things to collect. — Tiago Forte

The whole second brain is designed to facilitate action and help you stay focused:

  • Layout: All databases are "hidden" behind toggles so you can focus on those that matter most at the moment.
  • GTD-style tasks: All of your tasks neatly organized; easy drag-and-drop to reschedule them.
  • Daily page: A space to track your most important actions and do your work without distractions.
    • Deep work tracking: See how much focused work you do in a day, week, month, and across different projects.
    • Workout tracking: Track your exercises and see how your workout volume (# of reps) changes across days, weeks, and months.
    • Habit tracking: Your habits and habits success rate summarized by day, week, and month
    • Sleep tracking: Track how much you sleep and how it changes throughout the week and month.
    • Journaling: Start the day strong with a 5-minute journal.

Start using it as soon as you download it

Say goodbye to hours-long tutorials and courses.

Second Mind offers a seamless way to start using it as soon as you download it.

  • 1-minute guides: Under each page, you’ll find a short instruction on using it most effectively.
  • 15 min onboarding: A quick onboarding designed to help you get the most out of the second mind template.
  • (Bonus) Free onboarding call: Hop on a 20 min call with me to answer all of your questions and help you tailor the template to your needs.

More than just a template

What makes Second Mind different from other templates is that it comes with a proven framework that helps you transform your resources into results in your personal and professional life.

The COPE framework

See what others think:

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A zero-risk purchase:

  • Does it work? -> Only 5-Star Reviews and more than 100 upvotes on Reddit.
  • I don't know how to use Notion -> 15-minute onboarding guide + 30 min call where I'll personally answer ALL of your questions and needs.
  • What if I don't like it? -> 100% money-back guarantee.


Q: What is Second Mind?
A: Second Mind is a comprehensive Notion template designed to help you manage your knowledge, resources, and goals more effectively. It offers a range of features, including the PARA system, pulled resources, quick daily review, weekly review, and deep work tracking, to help you stay organized, focused, and productive.

Q: How do I use Second Mind?
A: Second Mind is built in Notion so you can easily duplicate into your workspace. It comes with a 15-minute onboarding guide and a personalized 20-minute call to help you get started. Once you've familiarized yourself with the template, you can start using it to capture, organize, process, and execute on your resources.

Q: How is Second Mind different from other Notion templates?
Second Mind sets itself apart from other templates by combining the most useful aspects of the best Second Brain templates available. It's optimized for focus and action, with deep work, habit, and workout tracking, as well as the PARA system, pulled resources, and GTD-style tasks, all "hidden" behind toggles to help you avoid distractions and stay on track with your work.

Any questions?

Feel free to DM me on Twitter (@SimonSosulski) or drop an email (szymon@ssosulski.com) with any questions.

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Second Mind for Notion

24 ratings
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